Services Offered

***If you are a woman, person of colour, disabled, LGBTQIA2S+, and/or what most would label “diverse” in any other way, please contact me about the rates listed below. I will only charge you a percentage of what is listed, commensurate with the current pay gap between you and the average cisgendered able-bodied straight White man.***


$500 + applicable taxes to read a single draft

$4000 + applicable taxes, flat rate, to work until project goes into production (must already have producer attached)

Diane is willing to work with you on your screenplay, giving you constructive criticism and meeting with you to brainstorm ideas, until your project is ready for production. This is something she loves to do: to help other writers achieve their goals. (If you are a producer in search of a Story Editor to work with the writer of your project, even better!)

*NOTE AS OF 05/02/2023: I support the WGA and am therefore taking a cue from other sites that offer coverage, and will not be offering coverage to any struck companies (those listed by the WGA here: ), or read anything already optioned by producers for consideration of development or paid work, since it may be intended for sale to one of those struck companies. This will be until the strike is resolved.*


$250 + applicable taxes for Standard Delivery (within 3 business days)

$350 + applicable taxes for Expedited Delivery (within 24 hours)

As a university instructor teaching the mechanics of screenwriting to undergraduates, who has achieved degrees in screenwriting from both an Ivy League University and a Big Ten college, and has also worked numerous positions that required writing coverage, Diane is now offering her expertise for hire to studios, production companies, and film funds. (***SEE NOTE REGARDING WGA STRIKE ABOVE***)

Coverage is comprised of a 2-page synopsis of the script, plus 1-2 pages of professional feedback as to whether it should be considered for production.

Writers: please remember that script consulting would be done from the development position of encouraging you in your goals and helping you make your next draft stronger, whereas script analysis is meant to be from a prospective optioner’s perspective to assess whether your current draft is ready for production as-is. For this reason, I do not necessarily recommend script analysis directly to writers, since the feedback can be difficult; this service really is intended for producers. However, if that is your true goal, to see whether your script is ready to go, then so be it!


$50/hour + applicable taxes, 4-hour project minimum

It may sound odd, but one of Diane’s favourite parts of reading her students’ and colleagues’ work is to proofread it for formatting and typing errors. So, if you have a script you’d like to submit to a producer or a contest but need someone to look it over first, she will do it for you.


Diane has a full portfolio of feature film and television pilot screenplays she has written.

She also has experience directing numerous short films.

Diane has a fantastic personality.  Over the past three years, she has proven herself time and time again.  Most recently Diane coordinated the ticketing requests for 220+ film stakeholders, sales agents, distributors, etc — our most high demand customers — and completed the task flawlessly.

She would be a great asset to any team.

JUSTIN CUTLER, Senior Manager, Sales & Industry Office, Toronto International Film Festival (2010-2015)

As a WGA member and professional writer for over ten years, I can say with certainty that Diane possesses those qualities that showrunners and staff love: She is easy to work with, willing to learn, and able to produce good work under tight deadlines. She is thoughtful in her critiques and politic in her comments.

I have no doubt that she will be an asset to your program or staff.

HEATHER E. ASH, Story Editor and Writer, Stargate SG-1 (1999-2003)

In my brief interaction with Diane, she impressed me right out of the gate. Her feedback and critique of our show was insightful and constructive. She has an innate sense of story and character and can impart her thoughts in a clear and concise way.

I would have no hesitation in asking her to read anything that Momentum is developing to get her notes, as I know they would be for the betterment of the project.

SABRINA EISENSTADT, Director, Scripted, Momentum Entertainment Group

Diane’s astute understanding of film and story development is a premium. When it comes to script analysis, she is consistently constructive, valid, and incisive. She is able to discuss story with confidence and sensitivity, and her analysis is always meted out with agility and professionalism.

A quality we also truly appreciated in Diane, is her symbiotic gauging of artistry and commercial appeal – an imperative for any kind of success in this industry. So much so in fact, that while she worked with us, we often relied upon her for priority script reports that directly informed some of our business decisions. Her comments can be trusted and her expediency is vital for anyone who thrives on deadlines and quick turnarounds.

MARK TENN, Assistant Manager, Film Development & Acquisitions, Little Magic Films (2003-2006)