The Time Is Right


The Time Is Right is a short film about the making of a reality game show by the same name, where contestants go back in time to try and save their loved ones. It is currently in post-production.

Directed by Diane Carol Harder and written by Garner Haines.

Starring (in order of appearance): Emma Laishram as both Past Deborah and Present Deborah, Luxton Handspiker as JeffreySebastian Spence as Syd, Stephen Park as Barry, Ellen Dubin as Verity, Celestine Caravaggio as Ms. Chaplet/Nurse Peri, Heather Anne Fee as JulieNicole G. Leier as Dana, Russell Yuen as Mr. Chen, Brooke Debassige as Barbara, and Benjamin Sutherland as Ian.

Shot in 2K HD.

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