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Diane Carol Harder, writer and filmmaker.

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Penny Foster

Penny Foster is a short film about a little girl with OCD who slowly climbs out of her own head and realizes her mom’s going through a hard time.

Directed by Diane Carol Harder and produced by Sarah Senior, this is a very good script. It was written by America Michele Palacios, a writer who got her MFA at Northwestern University with Diane, and who was a crew member at the Sundance labs, an Austin Film Festival screenwriting competition finalist, and a quarter finalist in the Nicholl competition. Our Director of Photography, Jordan Kennington, owns his own RED Scarlet camera, so the film looks really good, too. And, although this is our 10-year-old star Elisa Campanella‘s narrative debut, she has been acting in commercials since she was an infant (and has auditioned for HUGE blockbuster projects – seriously, she’s going to be a big deal).

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June 13, 2017


Inspired by the life of Edward Estlin Cummings, e.e. is about the first time he met his infant daughter, Nancy. Inspired to poetry by his first sight of her, he believes he can be her father – but her mother, Elaine Thayer, feels otherwise.

e.e. had its world premiere Monday, April 1st, 2013 at the Northwestern University Entertainment Alliance Short Film Night.

Written and Directed by Diane Carol Harder.

Starring Kate McGroarty as Elaine, Alex Hugh Brown as Estlin, and introducing Ryan Matthew Neal as Baby Nancy.

Shot on Super16 mm color film.

© 2013

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October 20, 2012


Assassin! is a noir film about the game of the same name – IF it had deadly consequences…

Written and Directed by Diane Carol Harder.

Starring Casey Buckley as Jack, Michael Wiese as Jim, and Tami Hillberry as Jenny.

Shot in HD.

© 2009

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October 20, 2012


Based on Jane Yolen’s novel of the same name, Briar Rose is about a grandmother remembering the Holocaust as her own personal Sleeping Beauty tale.

Written and Directed by Diane Carol Harder.

Starring Marilyn Wiese as the Grandma, Kaily Henderson as the Little Girl, Annastecia Spano as the Young Woman, and Michael Wiese as the Young Man.

Shot on 8 mm color film.

© 2008

October 20, 2012


When a woman goes to her priest for confession, she admits he’s the one she should have chosen all those years ago.

Directed by Diane Carol Harder (as Diane Wiebe).

Written by Sara Jean Accuardi.

Starring Cindy Gold as Doris and Stephen Spencer as Father Dwaine.

Shot on miniDV.

© 2008

October 20, 2012

Other Films

October 20, 2012

All written and directed by Diane Carol Harder:

The Party (2008) – In order to impress an attractive woman, a man goes berserk on the dance floor.

Let’s Exercise! (2008) – A silent, 80’s-tribute exercise video set to music.

Being Jonah (2006) – When Jonah Epstein, King of the Trekkies, writes a screenplay, he sends it to Charlie Kaufman for feedback.

Dave vs. The Thing (2005) – Dave Barry battles Mothra for his wife’s sake. Or maybe just a butterfly. (Based on an article by Dave Barry.)

A Day in the Park (2005) – A couple grown-ups act childish when they find a pile of dried leaves.

Coming Home (2005) – A woman comes home from work and zones out once she turns on the TV.