Liliath & Penumbra

Liliath & Penumbra

Diane Carol Harder, writer and filmmaker.

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Other Films

October 20, 2012

All written and directed by Diane Carol Harder:

The Party (2008) – In order to impress an attractive woman, a man goes berserk on the dance floor.

Let’s Exercise! (2008) – A silent, 80’s-tribute exercise video set to music.

Being Jonah (2006) – When Jonah Epstein, King of the Trekkies, writes a screenplay, he sends it to Charlie Kaufman for feedback.

Dave vs. The Thing (2005) – Dave Barry battles Mothra for his wife’s sake. Or maybe just a butterfly. (Based on an article by Dave Barry.)

A Day in the Park (2005) – A couple grown-ups act childish when they find a pile of dried leaves.

Coming Home (2005) – A woman comes home from work and zones out once she turns on the TV.

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