LIL-I-ATH: [lil-ee-ath] noun. Elvish. “Laughter.”

PE-NUM-BRA: [pi-nuhm-bruh] noun. Latin. A fringe region of half shadow resulting from the partial obstruction of light by an opaque object.

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Diane is a writer/director who is drawn to magical realism and science fiction/fantasy. Her favourite topics to explore usually involve mental illness, or the dark side of love and spirituality. Her sense of humour is very dry, so she tends to stick to drama.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Literature/Writing from Columbia University, and her Master of Fine Arts in Writing for the Screen + Stage from Northwestern University.

She taught Intro to Screenwriting to undergraduates at Northwestern while she was a grad student there, as well as Screenwriting and Directing at Wilfrid Laurier University more recently.

Liliath & Penumbra is her company. 

If you’d like to support her as a patron, you can do so at Patreon.

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Services Offered

***If you are a woman, person of colour, disabled, LGBTQIA2S+, and/or what most would label “diverse” in any other way, please contact me about the rates listed below. I will only charge you a percentage of what is listed, commensurate with the current pay gap between you and the average cisgendered able-bodied straight White man.***


$400 + applicable taxes to read a single draft
$4000 + applicable taxes, flat rate, to work until project goes into production (must already have producer attached)

In Canada, a Story Editor is someone who works directly with a screenwriter to make their script the strongest it can be. They are often hired by the producer or funding agency, as a specialized go-between imparting notes and feedback, but sometimes writers will hire them on their own volition, in preparation for submitting their script to contests or grants.

Diane is willing to work with you on your screenplay, giving you constructive criticism and meeting with you to brainstorm ideas, until your project is ready for production. This is something she loves to do: to help other writers achieve their goals.


$250 + applicable taxes for Standard Delivery (within 3 business days)
$350 + applicable taxes for Expedited Delivery (within 24 hours)

As a university instructor teaching the mechanics of screenwriting to undergraduates, who has achieved degrees in screenwriting from both an Ivy League University and a Big Ten college, and has also worked numerous positions that required writing coverage, Diane is now offering her expertise for hire to studios, production companies, and film funds.

Coverage is comprised of a 2-page synopsis of the script, plus 1-2 pages of professional feedback as to whether it should be considered for production.


$30/hour + applicable taxes, 4-hour project minimum

It may sound odd, but one of Diane’s favourite parts of reading her students’ and colleagues’ work is to proofread it for formatting and typing errors. So, if you have a script you’d like to submit to a producer or a contest, but need someone to look it over first, she will do it for you.


Diane has a full portfolio of feature film and television pilot screenplays she has written.

She also has experience directing numerous short films.

As a WGA member and professional writer for over ten years, I can say with certainty that Diane possesses those qualities that showrunners and staff love: She is easy to work with, willing to learn, and able to produce good work under tight deadlines. She is thoughtful in her critiques and politic in her comments.

I have no doubt that she will be an asset to your program or staff.

HEATHER E. ASH, Story Editor and Writer, Stargate SG-1 (1999-2003)

Diane has a fantastic personality.  Over the past three years, she has proven herself time and time again.  Most recently Diane coordinated the ticketing requests for 220+ film stakeholders, sales agents, distributors, etc — our most high demand customers — and completed the task flawlessly.

She would be a great asset to any team.

JUSTIN CUTLER, Senior Manager, Sales & Industry Office, Toronto International Film Festival (2010-2015)

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